Sakola Abdi and Tanoto Foundation


The condition of Sakola Abdi before being renovated

Great minds think alike. This saying represents us, Ganesha Bianglala team and Tanoto Foundation in improving the quality of lives. As we all know, one of Ganesha Bianglala’s CSR programs is SAKOLA ABDI. SAKOLA ABDI means ‘my school’ in Sundanese. We named the program SAKOLA ABDI for a reason: we want all Sirnajaya villagers to have their sense of belonging upon the school.

Tanoto Foundation was founded in 1981 to support poverty alleviation by Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto. They believe the best way to provide opportunity and break the cycle of poverty is through education. It has three main programs: Education, Empowerment, and Enhancement.


Tanoto Foundation, one of the sponsors of Ganesha Merangkul (MI-53)

All Tanoto programs are aligned with Menyapa Indonesia’s grand design which involves Community Service, Community Empowering and Community Relation. That is the main reason for Tanoto to approve our Ganesha Merangkul proposal.

in progress 3

MI-53 team with the residents worked together to renovate Sakola Abdi

Unique fact about Tanoto’s program, as quoted verbatim in the Tanoto Foundation website:, Sukanto Tanoto once said “I had to leave school when I was 17. Now I want to give others an opportunity to have the kind of education I wasn’t able to have.

Up until this date, Tanoto has supported some schools, universities, students and even researchers by providing facilities and fund to various beneficiaries. To boost student and teachers achievements, Tanoto helps in physical and intellectual environments of over 200 schools in rural areas across 3 provinces (North Sumatera, Riau and Jambi).


MI-53 team with the residents worked together to renovate Sakola Abdi

Ganesha Merangkul has received donation IDR 20.000.000,00 from Tanoto Foundation along with several children books that will support SAKOLA ABDI and RUMAH CAHAYA programs. Receiving the grant is very relieving as the project has been started at the beginning of this month. Thanks to the Tanoto Foundation and other sponsors, we started the renovation of SAKOLA ABDI on schedule.

The renovation progress of Sakola Abdi

The renovation progress of Sakola Abdi

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